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Daily Planner

For years I carried a daily planner around in my purse. Bound paper & pen, not something digital. And still to this day I don’t look down at my phone when scheduling events, instead I have to go home and look at the calendar hanging on the wall.

There’s lots of things I didn’t plan for over the course of the last year. Quitting my job, staying home for awhile, finding a new job I actually enjoy, bottle feeding calves for months on end, unpredictable weather, mud and crazy storms. Tax season, delayed Spring arrival, rain, floods and so much more.  Today I sat down for a second waiting on a load of laundry and fell asleep.  I also broke my phone.  Neither of those activities were on the agenda either but things happen.

And now with summer approaching I once again find myself temporarily having a new schedule with days I don’t really know how to plan for.

So I’ve been trying to just stop planning. To surrender the desire to always have control and to let God be my daily planner instead. Letting His ways and desires for my life be what I’m pursuing and scheduling around instead of my own.

So much easier said then done.  Am I right?

The changes in my schedule and the changes in the weather have caused me to draw nearer to my Lord and Savior in ways I never planned for this year.  It’s been so, so hard some days and weeks when His plans don’t really sound that appealing to me and yet so unexpectedly soothing at other moments. Both ends of the spectrum have found me on my knees in prayer, humbled, grateful, and thankful for a heavenly dose of exactly what my soul has longed for and needed.  Even when things aren’t going as planned.  Even when the tears and fears of the unknown are plentiful.

I pray the desire to let God be my daily planner never ceases.  That it may continue to grow and bloom into something incredibly amazing.  That one day I’ll look back and know I never could have planned it all by myself.

God has planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.

~ Hebrews 11:40

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