Well, well, well

Big things have been happening around the property this month. After many years of dealing with the old well that sits behind our farmhouse we have finally been able to have a new one dug!

We have been dreaming of this day for so long. We always get a good laugh watching other Instagram farmilies wash their muddy boots off in their videos. Jealous of the amazing water pressure we see other’s enjoy.

Tom’s been saying some day baby to me for a long time. This farm as a whole is a long term project and most everything has needed an update or is on the list to be updated in the future, Lord willing.

And though we are surrounded by trees they aren’t money trees, so projects are prioritized according to emergency status for the most part. It all adds character to the Farm and to us. Also good practice when it comes to patience, sacrifice and ingenuity.

There’s a million more steps involved to getting the actual water from the well to the house. And most of those steps are gonna make a mess. Not a little mess either. We are experiencing our 2nd extremely wet and muddy Winter in a row. It’s gonna look like a disaster for awhile.

The text I received while at the office today said “Today is going terrible I’ve made a huge mess. Wait until you see the yard.”

However, here’s my goal. To refuse to allow myself to get mad about the yard and whatever mess is being made. It is what it is.

Any projects around here are messy. I should know that after the whole experience of gutting the farmhouse.

And man oh man, life in general is just messy… is it not friends?

But I think how we choose to react to those messes and disasters is what can build us or break us.

It also strengthens our character as we practice patience. We are selfless when sacrificing things and ourselves even when we don’t want to. It teaches us to be creative.

Some seasons we are only facing small messes. The kind that paper towels and napkins can simply clean up.

Yet other times the mess is so huge we don’t even know where to begin to start cleaning it up, it almost seems impossible and it takes Jesus for that job.

All you simply have to do is call on Him.

He’s there.

Of course the process, steps and cleanup may not exactly be as we had pictured, hoped, or dreamed about. Most times it’s NOT EVEN CLOSE. But usually if we relinquish the control, let Him write the story and give in to His timetable we will one day can look back and be able to say well, well, well will you look at that? And stand in awe of what those million messy steps led to.

To be brutally honest I like to avoid messes. Mud, confrontation, cleaning…all of those things. And as life would have it at the moment I go to the office in the dark and get home in the dark so my eyes haven’t even seen the actual mess yet. I’m avoiding it.

I know as well as you do, it can’t be avoided forever.

I’m still working on myself and building my character also.

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