Going to the chapel of love

We’re supposed to be headed to a wedding. Instead we’re headed to pick out a new kitchen sink. Because a month ago the dishwasher quit working, which means I started hand-washing dishes in the sink. And today I found out that sink had cracked and sprung a leak. I will not be shocked if the fridge or deep freezer take the plunge next. That’s just how it goes sometimes isn’t it?

I’m not really in a get dressed up, wedding type of mood anyway. I’ve spent most of the day thinking about wedding vows tho. Mostly stemming from an argument last night that included me hurling an iPhone across the bathroom in the dark at my husband and ended with me sleeping on the couch. Actually it wasn’t really an argument. More of a one sided colorful display of emotions, feelings and words. Ugly words…the kind you use to slice a person hard & deep and can’t take back once they are said out loud.

Loving someone through a sickness is excruciating and I’ve been sick for awhile. Not just physically sick but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

However when we eloped in that Chapel of Love in Vegas it wasn’t just words being spoken. It was vows. Real, long term, till death do us part vows.

Marriage is hard.

Unconditional love is even harder.

On the days where words between us are few lately we still find ourselves drawn to each other. Still saying I do, through sickness and in health. Even if it’s just the simple gesture of holding hands while headed to pick out a new kitchen sink.

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