The Zoo

Who's Full of Bull?

As I’ve confessed before I have a small HUGE obsession with animals.

What started out as having a couple dogs around the farm somehow snow balled into six seven eight nine running around our homestead.  The statement “what’s one more” has come out of my mouth obviously a few way too many times until we ended up with our own pack of dogs literally.  I’ve heard numerous times how intimidating it can be to pull up in our drive when these creatures come running out from all directions to great any visitors.  My all time favorite story of one of our dogs “greeting” someone is when the pleasant annoying census lady came by one day and was on the receiving end of one of Titan’s famous hugs.  By the time my husband made his way over to her she was attempting to wipe “mud” off her clothes with a Dairy Queen napkin.  He couldn’t help but chuckle when he pointed out to this wonderful lady stalker that it was actually cow manure.  Welcome to the farm!  

Working Dog

It’s never a dull moment around our place with just the dogs.  But you throw all the other animals into the mix and we seriously have our own redneck tv show  constantly entertaining us.  It is literally a zoo!