Blackbirds and Snow Days

Over the Christmas holiday I had time to read a couple books. One in particular I randomly purchased because honestly it just would not stop showing up in my feed on Instagram. I did zero research prior to purchasing but it was worth every penny in my opinion.

This book touched my soul in a way I never expected. I was glad I was on a staycation when I started reading it because I could barely put it down. I was consumed by every chapter and page. I carried the book with me should I have a few moments to dive back in.

Stayed up way past my bedtime, lounged in bed way too long in the mornings.

It wasn’t the story that touched me so deeply per se…it was the words. I was captivated by them.

“I can’t rightly say that I have a favorite season, for each brings unique beauty and each bears a lesson for the human heart, for anyone who cares to watch the turning of the seasons closely.”

Punxsutawney Phil predicted Spring is on its way and a few days later a new calf was born, all the Winter geese bolted across the sky in droves as is normal when the seasons start changing.

And then it snowed…

It was welcomed and beautiful. So peaceful and refreshing after a long stressful mud filled start to the year. And a couple more calves were born this past week as well in the middle of nature’s wintery display.

But as has been the new normal the last few winters the snow turned to a cold dreary rain and we were once again back to a season of mud.

We’ll just continue to follow the lead of the birds and our Lord and the sights and sounds of His beautiful nature and adjust accordingly for whichever season decides to show up each day.

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