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Counting Every Blessing

***Please wordpress has decided extra spacing between paragraphs is overrated for this post. It blatantly refused to cooperate in any way shape or form. Nice try Satan*** When life begins to get extremely messy, chaotic and loud, I like to take time away.  Time to find a moment of stillness.  And more often then… Continue reading Counting Every Blessing


The Rainbow Connection

  I spent some time on the porch last night in quiet contemplation.  Mulling around a thousand different things in my head.  About life.  About rainbows.  About the laundry. About love.  About the garden.  About grace.  About the weather.  About great mysteries we some times never come to understand.  About promises.  About never ending to-do… Continue reading The Rainbow Connection

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Intimately Affected

I'm really not sure where the last four months have gone, and so, so quickly, but they came, they went, and I am realizing that suddenly September is almost here again. September....the longest month of the year. For most people September is highlighted by numerous, exciting events spurred on by a new season of gorgeous fall… Continue reading Intimately Affected