FullSizeRender Hi, I’m Mandi.  I live on a farm, love nature and God’s creation and also have a severe soft spot for animals. I spent my childhood on a farm swearing I would never live in the country and never marry a farmer.  Fast forward so many years later and I laugh at the irony that those two things are what makes my soul sing.  I’m a farmer’s wife, mother to two humans, and an animal mom to a multitude.  I work in the city five days a week, always longing to get back to our homestead as quickly as possible.  I love growing our own food and taking care of the animals and all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears that comes with it.   

I am married to a redneck, bearded veteran who puts up with me and all my animals and crazy ways.  He wears his faith and his overalls proudly, raises beef cattle, corn and beans and spends his summers bailing hay in the blazing sun.

We like to hang out on our front porch with friends and neighbors and cruise our country roads while listening to Christian and Country music.  We are learning how to be more self-sufficient mostly by trial and error and the grace of the good Lord above.

You can find out more about what we are up to on a regular basis by visiting us on our Instagram page.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Mandi! I just found this after connecting on Instagram. Please tell me you are still in Illinois and I could see you? I’d love to meet up and catch up on the many years we’ve missed. I live in Springfield and I would come find you wherever you are!!


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