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Summer Fling

Is it just me or did it seem like it took F O R E V E R for summer to arrive and now she is already heading for the hills?  Summer is one of my most loved times of year even when she’s so dang hot and humid I can’t breathe.  It’s such a great time to take a pause for a spell and I always fall hard and quick into the rhythms that come with having her around.  We live in harmony with nature and the ebb and flow of daily farm life.

Sweeter tea, greener grass, bluer skies, sun kissed skin and a vibrant display of colors popping up outside the farmhouse windows.  Fresh salads, grilled steaks, tomato & mayo sandwiches are endless.  I never tire of the smell of fresh hay, hummingbirds chasing each other around the porch, dusk filled with the sound of frogs in the creek as the sun sets in all her glory while the fireflies dance across the pastures.

We fill ourselves with an abundance of homegrown food, good friends, close neighbors and tons of laughter.  The sun fuels us and the rain cleanses us as we work, toil, and expense our blood, sweat and tears on this farm that completes us.  We sleep soundly mostly from pure exhaustion, tucked in together lifting prayers of thanks to our Father above who created us to be the caretakers of this little slice of Heaven here on earth.

This go around Summer felt more like a fling. Short, sweet and over before we could blink.

We woke up August 1st to an overnight change in our surroundings.  A shift of something in the air, a slight difference in the sunrise glow, daylight hours vanishing as each day passes, heavy dew mornings and colder evenings have already been around for a week or more.

Spiders are already filling every crevice with their webs as we shift our time to focusing on getting ready for the upcoming harvest and multitude of winter preparations.

Our summer was absolutely wonderful and full of so many blessings we just simply aren’t quiet ready to be pulled into Fall yet.


1 thought on “Summer Fling”

  1. I agree, Mandi. We have been wondering where August went! And now it’s Sept 1st. So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom. Prov 90:12

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia


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