Never in my life again

“This is the worst year I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

Daily my life revolves around agriculture. From the family I was raised in, to the wife I’ve become, to the day job I tackle outside of the Farm…it all circles in the same direction. Soil, seed, planting & harvest. Livestock, producers, consumers and environmentalists. Before sun-up to after sun-down. Every ounce of blood, sweat & tears given up for a fighting cause.

This “worst year” phrase has been repeated to me hundreds of times this year. Mostly from individuals who are of the age 70+. I always stop to listen to what they have to say as to why it’s the worst year in their lifetime thus far. Mother Nature is a big one. Falling out markets, lying advertisers, everyone forgetting about the little man pulling his weight too. The list goes on and on.

Usually this conversation ends with something along the lines of…I hope I never see a year like this again. I usually nod my head in agreement. Mostly because Mother Nature has been on the naughty list for 2 years straight in our neck of the woods as well and because I’m older and wiser a tick more and I just get what they are saying after a year of tremendous struggle. A year full of struggles & battles from every aspect.

But then I got to thinking because that’s what I always do after pondering phrases for months on end in my head.

What if there IS never a year like this one in my life ever again?

This season in my life right now is kinda amazing to be honest. It’s a season of hard work on and off the Farm tied into the rhythms of the seasons. But it’s also this new season of parenting kids in their twenties. Kids who aren’t still kids but also adulting newbies. I’m really enjoying it. Spending hours on the phone while they are in tractors at the field, or cars driving to work, listening to them try and navigate what adulting looks like in this era they are experiencing. They are both so kind. So respectful. So just like me in a million ways and yet different at the same time. It’s fascinating to be a part of. We go through the normal rundowns…work, play, relationships. They talk and I listen. We laugh A LOT. It’s new for all of us and I treasure every second.

Because what if in my life I never have these moments again? What if I never get the chance to experience another year like this one?

I’m so thankful for this crazy life we live and for all of these memories being made daily. I’m just a girl letting Him write the story….

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