650 Days Later

There’s a multitude of things that have changed in the last 650 days. Some of it is obvious when I look around. Wider waist lines, more grey hairs, added wrinkles and laugh lines, but more aches and pains to name a few.

Lots of changes around the farm as well. More rock, concrete, fences and drinkers to make chores a little easier. Added equipment, downsized the garden and the herds of livestock have grown. More chickens and cattle to tend to but now less dogs running around the 160 acres we call home.

In the last 650 days we have continued to plant seeds in the soil and in the hearts of others and watched God’s artistry at work. We’ve raised food that has nourished us and blessed many others as well. We’ve sought to try and live a simpler life.

Time has taught me where I draw the line on many issues. I’ve learned I’m still stubborn as a mule and still a sinner. I still wear my heart on my sleeve and things such as loyalty, freedom, faith and sunsets can make me weep.

The last 650 days has been a cycle of trusting, sowing and reaping just as God designed it to be for us here on the farm and in our personal journey with Him.

Here’s to a new year of watching His splendor of creation as He weaves our farm life, homesteading and faith together as we trust Him during the good times and bad, grateful for the blessings He abundantly gave us over the last 650 days.

6 thoughts on “650 Days Later”

  1. I envy your rural lifestyle. I grew up on a ranch/farm where we raised much of our own food, along with cattle and chickens. I’ve lived in the city the last 20 years with my 2nd husband, and though there are perks to living close to stores, restaurants, etc., I miss the country life.


  2. Welcome back!
    So glad to see you are doing well and back to blogging!
    Trusting God through the good and the bad….That’s something I’m trying hard to do this new year.
    God is good and still in control!
    Amen! 🙌


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