Garden Planning

Last fall I came across a yearly planner that was designed for homesteaders by a homesteader. I didn’t spend too much time learning about it before pre-ordering it, I just felt an undeniable urging to have it for 2022. And now just a handful of days into the new year I’m thrilled with my impromptu purchase.

This last week I have been busy scanning seed catalogs, researching online and taking inventory of all the vegetable seeds I currently have on hand so I can plan for our Spring garden. My new planner has a designated section for logging seed inventory and it was nice to have everything jotted down in one place. I try not to go overboard and keep too many seeds but have quite a few that I’ll need to test for germination in February and probably discard from age.

This time of year is fun to me. I love dreaming of all the great food I’ll hopefully grow and harvest this year for ourselves and others. Planning and planting a garden is such a natural part of who I am any more. It’s something I never expected but actually love dearly. And it’s important to me.

Next month I’ll be stringing grow lights from the ceiling, covering the table in dirt and containers and planting seeds right in the middle of our kitchen. Of course it would probably be easier to just go to the grocery store and buy our food there but I like to do some things the old-fashioned way on purpose.

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