Day 1…on Christ the Solid Rock I stand

And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. John 14:3 NIV


That was our state’s governor’s order a couple days ago. Let’s be honest there was no twisting of my arm at all. Social distancing & being at home is my jam. It’s all I ever want to do.

And when it comes to being at home for a couple weeks or maybe longer…I feel like I’ve been preparing for this for many years, even when others made fun of our lifestyle or modern day prepping. When it was announced our office doors would be closing I couldn’t wait to get home to catch up on laundry, dishes, and our never ending farm to-do list and also to catch up on much needed rest.

~ Home Sweet Home

For us here on the farm nothing really changes for the time being. There’s chores twice a day, feed to mix, buckets to haul, water tanks to fill, eggs to collect and livestock to tend to. We are still hauling up wood from the basement and using the woodstove for heat. And we’re still eating food we have raised and harvested from this land.

Spring time brings cattle to work, chickens to cull, fence to fix and lots of outside cleaning & mending to do. And as usual plans are being set into motion for the upcoming planting season.

The trees are budding, spring flowers popping through the ground and calves being born the same as every year prior.

There’s still the occasional snow shower as well, as was the case today.

Our life has truly been blessed by The Creator. He has provided us with so many opportunities and skills that have prepared us for such a time like this. We are incredibly thankful.

And knowing He is sovereign helps prepare our hearts and ease the fears as we face the unknown future.

We rest in the assurance He is preparing a place for us and will one day return to take us home.

What a day that will be!

Until then we will carry on as normally as possible.

Maybe even take a long, warm relaxing bath during this period of rest.

7 thoughts on “Day 1…on Christ the Solid Rock I stand”

  1. I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I miss your instagram feed and the glimpses of your life. I miss hearing all your chickens clucking!! I hope all is well and this is a season of soul nourishment for you. Oh I read the book you recommend last post. The author has another one I had already read and of course I can’t remember the name right now but it’s very good too. Take care. Love ya

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