We awoke this morning to a coyote howling as it passed by our little farmhouse. Of course when you share an abode with seven dogs during the colder months a huge ruckus of barking ensued followed by singing & howling inside for a good solid minute. Maybe longer.

Not ready to climb out of our warm bed on my last morning of break, I snuggled closer to the Farmer and giggled to myself. This redneck “welcome to another year” alarm clock system might seem completely insane to most people but to me it’s pretty much paradise.

Later on in the morning I threw some bacon grease in a cast iron skillet, fried up some farm fresh eggs, tossed on some cheese and sat down with a cup of honey & coffee. The kitchen was filled with a warm sunlight we really hadn’t seen much of lately. I couldn’t help but to be overcome by gratitude. I stopped and thanked the Lord for it all. For all the simple moments and blessings from the previous year, the previous decade, and all the ones yet to come that are waiting on the horizon.

Breakfast was followed by the normal routine of Winter chores. The flocks fed and released from the barn to soak up the sunshine. Ice broken, waterers filled, bucket calves ate their morning portion of grain while the herd in the corn field bellowed for their own breakfast to arrive faster. I gave the new batch of kittens a few cuddles and tossed some hay to the goats. Geese flew over the west pasture headed south to the neighbor’s pond as two guineas took flight in the driveway and landed in the garden I still haven’t cleaned up from last year.

This little farmwife’s earthly paradise. I couldn’t stop smiling.

Livestock chores were followed by cleaning, dishes, and laundry and of course vacuuming up dog hair. A late lunch of Farm raised beef and noodles was dished up for the Farmer while we watched some college football. I found myself humming “How Great Thou Art” thrilled for another day at home doing the mundane tasks that bring me such joy.

This little life we live on Solomon Road may seem pretty boring to most. But this slice of land and farmhouse are surrounded and filled by all the little things that make it seem big and great. Beyond great. We have been so blessed out here.

One day we will close our eyes only to open them in the greatest Paradise of All. Or atleast I hope that’s the case. I can hardly imagine what it will be like.

Only the good Lord knows what the next decade will hold for us but I’m sure it will be even greater then what I can dream. In the mean time I plan on following His lead, enjoying every ounce of this earthly paradise, humming praises as I go. Soaking up each day and golden hour with Jesus and the Farmer.

1 thought on “Paradise”

  1. Sounds like good, hard, wonderful work. Your farm is surely larger than our little one. But I do love it all the same, and work very hard to be a good steward. That is what I blog about too—farm, and recently fun family observations.


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