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4 vacuums, a spaceship and a cross

Some how I currently have 4 vacuums.

My mother-in-law purchased me a cordless Dyson v8 as a Christmas present. For my anniversary in September I had Tom buy me a new shop vac to use in our basement. Plus I already had two other vacuums I use on the main floor for every day use.

Some how my MIL was under the impression I ONLY had a shop vac at my disposal so we had a good laugh when she realized that wasn’t the actual case.

4 vacuums may seem crazy.

But we have 7 dogs and I know THAT is crazy so multiple vacuums doesn’t seem so insanely weird when you’re constantly sucking up piles of dog hair the size of cats.

Tom also purchased me a Pressure Cooker/Air Fryer thanks to Thanksgiving online shopping deals.

He was so proud when he sat that huge spaceship on the kitchen counter and showed her off to me.

I pretty much just laughed nervously and then gulped. I’m not great with change. In my life or in my kitchen.

After letting him give his presentation regarding this new appliance I put it all back in the box and said I would try again later. That was weeks and weeks ago.

Today I laid in bed all day.

But I also got that spaceship back out.

Because change happens.

Most days whether we want it to or not.

And even tho I’m joking when it comes to vacuums and spaceships I’m serious when it comes to other types of changes.

It comes in all forms.

In scary situations.

In darkness.

And even in death.

So far 2020 has shown me BIG change will most likely come in moments least expected.

The thing about most forms of change is you can’t change it.

Even when you so desperately want to.

You can only hitch up your faith and bootstraps and pray the huge spaceship you are getting on is headed in the direction of The Savior. Holding tight to the owner’s manual is also extremely beneficial.

Do you know Him?

My Savior?


Friends…I so hope you do.

If you don’t, make this the year you personally find Him.

Because He’s the only One I know who isn’t afraid of change and has already hung on on the only cross that matters in this world, and conquered all the darkness and death this world has to hold.

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