Generational Farm Life

Year’s ago when I fell in love with Tom, I also fell in love with his family’s farm & land. Now it wasn’t love at first sight in either of these things but if you know our story you already know how it all started.

Over the years we’ve collected photos and relics from the farm that we either dug up ourselves or been given from family & others. We both immensely treasure the history of the farm, the land, the people who lived their own story here before us. We feel humbled, grateful and blessed to be carrying on a legacy here.

When Tom’s Aunt Joann was still alive she would tell us stories and share her memories of life on the farm when she would come for a visit. I wish I had thought to write it all down back then but I didn’t.

But what I can do is share & save a glimpse of our life and our desire to carry on a generational legacy of hard work, dedication to the land, soil and livestock and the never-ending faith building we are daily experiencing on our journey here. That’s one of my goals this year. Maybe some day a relative or maybe even a stranger who just loves farming, dedication to hard work, communing with God in nature & this quaint little homestead will dig their hands into the soil and add on to the legacy that was started so many years ago just as we are trying to do.

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