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Super Sunday


Whew y’all….what a crazy start to 2020. January always feels like THE longest month of the entire year. This new decade kept that streak going. Anyone else also feel like time stops moving during those first 31 days?

I have very few hours at my disposal to be active on the Farm right now. Most of it my time is full of office hours shucking out reports, forms and filing at break neck speed. I’m so happy to report we all survived this first deadline with only one minor breakdown and a few tears!

Starting tomorrow it’s a new set of rules, deadlines and different priorities.

Switching gears is nonstop until our last April deadline. But I know I am strong and capable despite the sleepless nights when I’m waking up in a cold sweat from constant dreaming of clients, numbers, and inventory. There’s no shut off valve to keep it out of my mind. But I have been able to enjoy a couple gorgeous sunrises and I’ve tucked every punch of them away to shine down on me during the dark days.

I am strong…it’s my tax season mantra this year!

Tom has been busy tending to mud, or ice, or more mud or snow whilst keeping the livestock all fed, watered and healthy. He also spent most weeknights last month at various meetings.

He had the new well hooked up and we have been swimming in all our new water pressure luxuries! Having good water again at the old farmstead is AMAZING and I’m so grateful!

We are really looking forward to a month of more time together and not running out of water!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday which normally means I am elbows deep in seeds and dirt in the kitchen. But I decided awhile back I wasn’t doing much gardening this year in order to focus on other priorities around the farm.

And since today was unseasonably warm and downright beautiful I was able to spend some time harvesting more glass corn from last year’s garden, snuggling kittens, trudging through mud to check the flocks and herds. Tending to the earth, the Farm, our marriage and long term dreams.

Felt so good to be able to stop and just catch my breath for a day.

And the end of this gorgeous Sunday saw us sitting around a fire enjoying the sunset before calling it an evening and grilling pork steaks while enjoying some football action.

This start to a new month has been a much needed balm for last months imperfections and the motivation desperately needed to meet another set of goals, dreams and deadlines.

I am strong!

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