~October 2014

September came and went in the blink of an eye and fall has arrived quickly upon us.  Fall is one of my favorite times of the year when creation is full of color, harvest is in full swing, and weekends are filled with exciting football games, festivals and bonfires.  Just thinking about apple cider, river rat potatoes, kettle corn, and anything pumpkin related brings a smile to my face and a rumbling in my stomach.  And even though fall has just barely popped on the radar it’s already been an adventure in our household that I will never forget for years to come.  Honestly, it will never be forgotten.  This past month my family experienced tragedy, heartache and confusion after an unforeseen event that will forever affect my teenagers lives.  Watching them grow through adversity has been a humbling experience and I feel blessed to be their mom.

Life is always unpredictable and the journey is usually never an easy one.  However when true life changing events occur I’m constantly reminding myself that even though we don’t see it coming, our God in heaven DOES and prepares us many years in advance.  Last month may have brought many tears, many questions, and a tremendous amount of pain, but it also opened my eyes to God working in mysterious ways and I’ve witnessed it through the amazing actions of my own children.  They have poured God’s love onto others, even strangers, during a time of their own grief.  This is a lesson we all should be practicing daily as adults as well.

I came across something that one of my children wrote this past month that I thought I would share with you.


“Life is too short to let something hold you back.  You have to live life to the fullest.  If you think things are hard, they could always get harder.  Always think positive and know that there is always people out there that care and love you no matter what happens.  Wake up everyday and know that you are gifted and a blessed human being in this world”

Take time this fall to capture great moments and memories of God’s blessings in your life.

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