~February 2014

Can you fathom the mysteries of God?  Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?  Job 11:7 NIV

               “You can pray all you want, but God is not a genie.”  I heard this last week and boy has it played over and over in my mind and caused me to stop and think about the mysterious of our great God and His timing in our lives, especially when it comes to our prayer requests.

Rapid, quick, accelerated, immediate, hurried….all of these words describe some aspect of our routines.  Our world craves quick results or easy outcomes.  We have fast food, the internet, cell phones and rapidly changing technology.  There’s instant lotto, diet pills and wonder drugs that supposedly help us lose weight without having to even exercise.    Establishments are open 24/7 for our convenience and we see TV shows every day where some of life’s biggest problems or mysteries can be solved in an hour or less.  I could go on and on but you get the idea.  Wouldn’t life be even easier if God answered our prayers in the blink of an eye?

I’ll be the first to admit there have been seasons in my life when I have longed for the quick fix and easy way out of trials and heartaches.  As humans we have such a limited perspective.  But I definitely do not see God as anything that   resembles a genie.  He is not make-believe and small, sitting up in heaven waiting for us to rub on our Bibles so he can give fast, quick results.  The God who hears my prayers is BIG and real.   He created the heavens and the earth which is filled with His spectacular nature and inhabited by amazing creatures, man and animal.  The complexities of just those creations is beyond my imagination.  He parted the Red Sea, knocked down the walls of Jericho, closed a lion’s mouth, used a shepherd boy to take down a giant, made the sun and the moon stand still, and delivered three men from a fiery death.  He has helped men lead nations, taken cities by fire and storms, and even more amazing he allowed His Word to become flesh.   He knows each of us before we were created in the womb.  Wow!  There is no limits to His power.  My mind can’t even begin to comprehend the mysteries of such a BIG God who is beyond the limits of the heavens, underworld, land and sea which is our limits.  His mystery is the part I love and knowing some day in heaven our eyes will be opened, keeps my faith alive, my prayers constant and my trust reassured in His timing and Will.  Especially when it’s not instant and I can’t physically see what is happening from His perspective.

I hope your image of The Almighty is BIG and of one who has no limits.  I hope God remains a mystery which  inspires you to learn more, want to grow more, pray more, study His Word more and reach out to others more.  If you are comfortable you may need to evaluate your perspective.


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