~March 2014


Like most of you I’m anxiously awaiting Spring’s arrival.  I’m thankful for the moisture the Lord blessed us with this winter but warmer weather and longer days of sunlight sounds delightful right now.  Usually when my birthday rolls around the ground is getting softer and the birds have arrived back in abundance and it starts to really feel like Spring.

This winter I’ve spent a lot more time in doors and at home.  The extended cold days have provided a lot of time to reflect back on the last year of my life.  The woes of our world overshadowed a lot of those days unfortunately.  I’m guilty of living the past twelve months in a heavy fog of uncertainties, a mile-long list of frustrations and questions.  365 squares on the calendar flew by in the blink of an eye and sadly I don’t remember half of them.  The personal cost of living in this fog took its toll.  It was a distraction that drained my energy, caused me to be irritable, angry, and fatigued.  I built up walls as a defensive mechanism, lost friends, lost sleep, frustrated myself and family, risked my health and felt more lost than I ever had in my short travels in this world.  None of the events that happened were huge in the grand scheme of life. But to me personally they brought  trauma, grief, confusion and almost pushed me to being blind to the unseen blessings God was providing me with every hour and minute that ticked by.

  2 Corinthians 4:18 (NIV) instructs us:  So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 

Last year I was more like a child when I was focused on what I could “see” which felt huge.  The truth is I did more kicking, screaming and pouting with my struggles.  I’m wise enough to realize I cannot change the order of the days God has arranged for me to experience here an earth but my human nature longed for my Father to show me what was at the end that I couldn’t see!!   When I felt all the darkness closing in I did what was instilled in me since I was a child; turn to God and His Word for guidance and direction.  He helped me see that the little things DO matter in life, and taught me how vital relationships, and our short time here on earth really is, even if it’s just our temporary home.  We never know when our last conversation or  physical interaction with someone will be.  He also showed me what forgiveness and giving grace should really look like so I can willing give these things to others.  He showed me so many more amazing lessons as well.

I’m very thankful for last year and the trials I experienced.  It took some time to adjust my sight but when the storms passed our merciful God had taken the time to really strengthen me and build my faith.  My personal relationship with Him grew on such a deeper level that I didn’t know was possible.  I hope as each of you travels through life here on earth you are also led to turn more to God and His Word and focus on what is unseen.  More importantly not just when those big challenges and trials occur but every day.  Worship not only God the creator, but God the sustainer and deliverer and take the time to share Jesus and your faith with those in the world for the sake of their eternal salvation.


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