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~September 2014

Summer break is over and these days our house is full of constant busyness. Work, school, sports, and many other activities are in full swing, probably like most of you. To try and keep myself and our household on task I’m notorious for making lists. Grocery and errand lists, household to-do lists, the typical Wal-Mart list, and daily reminder lists. I have weekly lists, long term lists, honey-do lists and various other lists that I hope help me to stay organized and appear I have it all under control. I don’t want to be a slave to my lists, but honestly some days and even weeks I am. Are my material lists really that important, especially in God’s eyes? With so many lists crammed in my bags, my purse and laying around the house it got me thinking about what would be on God’s to-do list for my life on a daily basis. Spending time in His Word, learning and growing spiritually is more important than my floors getting swept and another bag of garbage taken out. Taking time at the end of a long work day to listen to a troubled co-worker is more important than rushing home to loads of laundry. Sharing my faith and love fore Jesus is a much higher priority than cleaning. Making time to volunteer for mission work, church fundraisers or other volunteer opportunities usually bring me a feeling of true accomplishment much more so than crossing things off my own to-do lists. It’s easy as humans in a hectic world, to let priorities become mixed up. I hope each of you takes time this month to think about your priorities and what our Heavenly Father’s to-do list for your life might look like if He handed it to you personally each morning.

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