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Storms On The Horizon

Morning Homestead View on June 12

Summer thus far has proven to be a super saturated experience.  I read something the other day that pointed out it had only really rained twice this summer.  Once for 30 days straight and again for 40 days.  I nodded my head in agreement because boy it sure seems that way.  Flip flops have been tossed aside for rubber boots and people are racing to mow their luscious lawns that I swear are growing upward by the inches in a few short hours when the sun occasionally peaks out in small increments.  The continuous jokes of building an ark don’t seem so far fetched when the skies above keep opening up and drenching most of us on what seems like a daily basis.  The storm clouds have been a looming presence in the sky unlike anything I can remember in my own short lifetime here in the Midwest.  I’ve always been amazed at photos of these huge storm fronts rolling through places like Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas.  But seeing many of these firsthand continuously over our own homestead this year has been a little unsettling.  They are enormous, usually pack a mean punch, and leave just as quickly as they appeared on the horizon.  The gloriousness has left me awestruck on many occasions as I’ve watched the sky from the safety of our farmhouse, chewing on my fingernails in nervousness keeping one eye on all the dogs should we have to retreat to our basement, and one eye on the storm.


Storm 2


Yet I’ve learned those “as far as the eye can see” billowing mysteries of the sky, can turn deadly in the blink of an eye.  They are dumping torrential rains, breaking rainfall records and pushing people to their breaking points as seen on the nightly news.  Sand bags are out in full force in many towns and becoming sparse in other areas as sump pumps are working overtime in basements all over the state.  The older generation is pointing out landmarks that have been over taken by the relentless abundance of rain this summer.  It’s something many of them swear they haven’t seen in 30 or 40 years.  Pounding rain for days on end and flooding water seems to be an unending nightmare and battle.

Since my hubby is responsible for the roads in our township a fair amount of time has been spent accessing the water damage and flooding out here in the sticks.  Culverts and creeks have been pushed to their max on many occasions which brings headaches and worries for our neighbors, local farmers and those with livestock. Pastures resemble lakes at times and some days the detours can be downright frustrating when you don’t live on a main road.   A routine morning route to work may have disappeared by the trek home at the end of the day.

 Flooding water is such a powerful force of nature.  It’s frightening how quickly even a little flooding can turn things into something unrecognizable.  Water can only be contained for so long before it will find it’s own way with an extreme amount of authority and it takes no prisoners.  Once it reaches a breaking point it takes out anything and everything in it’s path.  We have been blessed in our neck of the hills and hollers to watch the waters recede in a timely fashion so far.  But our eyes and ears are still on alert to the warnings that some weeks come every day.

Water Damage 2

Water Damage 3


Mother Nature is not the only one producing unnerving and unrelenting storms these days.  It seems every fraction of our nation is also reaching breaking points that are causing widespread damage and again having the older generation scratching their heads and pointing out the changes they are witnessing for the first time in their lifetime.

It’s scary, it’s frustrating and like the weather it’s bringing headaches and worries for many.

I wonder how long the trickle of rapid changes, both seen and unseen, can keep building and increasing until the strength and weight of the storm can no longer be contained and spills into something I no longer recognize.

I wonder how many people in our nation are too busy wrestling with the trials and tribulations of every day life that they aren’t taking heed to what is coming.

God is speaking, but it seems too many are not listening.

I’ve had people tell me point blank they don’t pay any attention to what is going on in the world and “that type of stuff” because it doesn’t directly affect them.  Maybe some day there will be an alert on everyone’s phones warning them of the dangers ahead.  Maybe then they will stop, look up and notice the storm clouds rolling in.  They’ll hear the warning sirens blaring and the never ending thunder.  Maybe the odd flashes of lighting on the horizon will get their attention.

Maybe they’ll get lucky and survive the destruction before it’s too late.

I pray for the lost souls that are greater in number than the drops of rain that have fallen on our place this summer.

 Keep your eyes on the horizon and ears open for the next storm that’s gonna come.

“A Storm Is Going To Come”
by Piers Faccini

Black crows circling up above
Crying out, "Do you hear that sound?"
I never thought it'd come to this
Paradise razed to the ground

Sometimes I don't sleep at night
I hear the wind in the moaning trees
I wonder how my child will fare
With wars and bombs and thieves

The thunder has begun

Some are blind, but choose to see
Lies in to the truth they weave
Some put their trust in faith
Some say, "I don't believe"

But each man unto himself
Is an island in a raging sea
We're the boat to anchor or sail
Of the two, which will it be?

The thunder has begun
The thunder has begun
The thunder has begun
A storm is gonna come
A storm is gonna come
A storm is gonna come
A storm is gonna come
A storm is gonna come

Who's the one now watching you?
Who says your rights are wrong?
When the preacher and the judge align
A change is coming, it won't be long

We may have burned a bridge too far
We may have run ourselves too far
When you look into the mirror, friend
What is it that you want to ask?

The thunder has begun

Dear Father, when you left me here
You lay your head in eternal sleep
You told me only love remains
Love is all we have to keep

Black crows circling up above
Crying out, "Do you hear that sound?"
I'd never thought it'd come to this
Paradise razed to the ground

The thunder has begun
The thunder has begun
The thunder has begun
A storm is gonna come, 
Find a haven, find a shelter
A storm is gonna come, 
Find a port, find a harbor
A storm is gonna come, 
Find a friend, find a mother
A storm is gonna come, 
Find a sister, find a brother
 A storm is gonna come


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