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Cat Fights, Babies & Blessings


The long days of a busy summer are finally in full swing now that the flood gates have closed their doors from dumping the persistent daily rainfall that appeared to be never ending.  I am very grateful for not having the task of watering all the flowers and garden in this relentless heat since we had an abundance of rain this summer.  But I will admit the heat and humidity has been a welcome sign for a change and I’m happy to leave my umbrella behind most mornings lately.

The last few weeks of July have been exciting, exhausting and some days a complete blur.  Stress levels were high more often than not for me.  I’m not even sure how my husband survived a few complete meltdowns on my part, but he did, and always does.  After 10 years he’s seen a lot and learned a lot.  It’s very similar to watching our two cats try to get along in the barn some days.

Hissing, growling, stalking, scratching, hair flying, stare downs, what strangely sounds like screaming and crying as they race through the barn, under my feet and knocking everything over in the process.  And those cats sure do get on my nerves with their behavior when I’m out doing chores and trying to get things done.  I’m not a cat person…kittens are ok but cats are different.  They are sly and they can be mean!  Just ask all six dogs around here!

The sad part is um, yeah….I’ve basically sounded and acted just like the cats the last few weeks as responsibilities rose in number, the days got longer, and the amount of shut eye felt non-existent.  I was a crazed eyed monster to say the least running from place to place, attempting to mark things off my to-do list in a whirlwind fashion.

Ask my husband, he’s honest and won’t mince words.

I’m not proud of it.  I wish I handled stress more elegantly but I don’t.  I’m a mess most days, just trying to get from sun up to sun down and from point A to point B.  When I fall exhausted into bed at night I’m just thankful that I some how made it through another long summer day right now.

My body aches clear to my bones and my contacts are burning my eyes like fire.

I day dream about sleep and restoration and live off coffee and caffeine.

My mind is a continual circle of never ending tasks that never seem complete.

I hiss, I cry, I scream, I growl, I cry some more

But in the midst of it all so many blessings have occurred and I don’t want to miss them or lose sight of them in the middle of my temperamental, catlike behavior.  I am thankful I’m still smiling at the end of the day even through the exhaustion and tears at the goodness of God.  His daily grace can never be forgotten when I’m swept up in the chaos of the world.

Because He is SO good!  His miracles never cease to amaze me!

The legacy of my family was once again branched out by my youngest sister and her husband.

A new precious child of God, here on earth, to love and cherish!  A healthy, beautiful, baby boy!

It’s a humbling, honorable experience to be a part of such a joyous new miracle. To hold a newborn, so meek and mild, untainted, unscarred by our evil, sinful world.  Born to earthly parents who will instruct him and guide him in his travels on earth to becoming a disciple for the Kingdom of God!

My sisters and I have been more than blessed to be able to share this experience many times over.

Our Lord’s never ending abundance of miracles we are forever grateful for.

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